Google Search Analysis


There’s little point in picking random topics for blog posts in hopes of success.

Our Google Search Analysis is a tried and tested process in which the most promising topics for blog posts are infected based on search frequency and competition.


  • Definition of target groups
    Definition of target groups and their basic motives for using your services or products on your website.
  • Identification of topic categories, sub-categories and topic clusters.
    The topic structuring is a prerequisite for building up a thematic competence in promising topic clusters for search engines and thus achieving better search results in the Google SERP.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Analysis of competitive websites competing for the same topic categories, sub-categories and topic clusters.
  • Ideation
    The ideation step provides ideas for possible promising blog article topics. These are systematically evaluated according to the criteria of popularity in search and competition.
  • List of blog posts and recommendations for action
    Sellection of a list of around 100 blog posts and recommendations on the scope and priority of blog posts


The creation of blog articles and videos, especially in the meaningful scope required by Google and Youtube, are long-term investments whose success or failure in Google SERP results only become visible after many months.

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